3 Hints to eating like a local

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

My second favorite thing about travel is the food experience that I have along the way. From hot and spicy to sweet and scrumptious, you have to try it all. Here are some of my favorite tips.

1. Ask a professional - yes, I mean your travel agent, but I also mean ask those who will know. For example, when I was first in New York City I stopped a policeman on his beat. I asked for his favorite pizza place, and I was not disappointed (John's Pizza, by the way).

2. Use your eyes - and watch for those places that look busy...but not with tourists. Look for those diners and cafes that are full of the locals (especially during their meal times)

3. Ask your Fb group, find out who has not just travelled to your destination, but who has lived there. Get the general vibe before you go.

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